Your Service Counts

Volunteer Programs for Followers of Christ

J.A.I.L. Ministry, Inc., offers a variety of volunteer programs in Belton, Texas. God has blessed our ministry with volunteers who have provided service to inmates, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families in the Bell County Jail for many years.

Ministry Volunteers

The Ministry Delivery Team

Our volunteers are involved in numerous leadership roles in the area's councils. The Ministry Delivery Team model, for example, strives to engage the local church and empower our members to coordinate services at the local level.


Review our Juvenile Services Center Application. You can also submit an application to volunteer at the Bell County Law Enforcement Center.


If you are using Google® Chrome®, you will need to right-click the application link and select "save link as." Proceed to saving the PDF on your computer to complete the form. If you do not save the form to your computer once you complete it and before you send it, the data will be deleted. Once you have completed the application and save it to your computer; attach it in an email. If you are using Microsoft® Internet Explorer® or Mozilla® Firefox®, click the application link to register. Once the application form opens, fill out the blanks and select the "click to submit application" link.